Garage Wall Cabinets Design Ideas

Garage wall cabinets – Many objects that are usually stored in the garage are objects that you would not like to bring to the house, so having a place to store them in the garage is invaluable. The good thing is that you can build wall cabinets inside your garage that not only would give you more storage space, but also do not take up space that you have to park your car.

Garage Wall Cabinets Plan

Decide where the lockers will go. With duct tape, mark the outline of the cabinet on the floor, and then park the largest car of your property in the garage to make sure you have enough space not only for the car with the cabinets in place, but that you can also Access the cabinets easily if the car is in the garage. Use a stud locator to locate a joist near the ends of the space that will install cabinets. The ends of the cabinet must be anchored to the posts.

Saw the plywood to create two end panels 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, and then create dividing panels by cutting three boards 4 feet long by 22 1/2 inches wide. Keep one of the end panels against the roof and back wall of the garage, and starting at the bottom corner, screw it on the right foot. Use 2 1/2 inch screws every 12 inches. Mark the rest of the wooden posts along the wall where the furniture will be.

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