Garage Wall Panels Of The Slatwall Ideas

Garage Wall Panels – Slatwall is a building material used to organize and visualize objects on a wall. It is frequently used in residential applications for storage purposes. Especially in garages and workshops. Many retail establishments also use this product to display items for sale. Slatwall uses a variety of hooks, shelves, and hand-crafted objects. These display units can be easily reconfigured to allow for flexibility and to accommodate seasonal changes in merchandise.

Slatwall Tool Holder

Slatwall is available in three basic materials. Unfinished MDF boards are the cheapest and can be painted during installation if desired. Melamine panels have a finished top layer made of sealed paper. And it can be used at home or in light commercial settings. Laminated Slatwall is the most durable of the three, and comes pre-finished with a high-pressure laminate surface.

This product can be installed on existing plaster or plaster walls, or even directly on unfinished walls. On walls designed to act as a fire partition, like most garage walls or walls between two buildings, drywall should be installed behind the Slatwall. Drywall acts as a firewall to slow down or control the spread of fire. When installing Slatwall on masonry walls, metal slats should be attached to the first wall. The panels are then attached to these strips, instead of directly to the masonry.

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