Good Looking Vanity Bathroom Lighting

Vanity bathroom lighting – This morning, you feel that in the office all eyes are on you. After a quick visit to the bathroom and a look in the mirror, you understand why: you came out of your house with three toothpaste stains and a good-looking complexion so missed that it looks like your head is gone without your body spending three weeks of vacation in the sun. This is the kind of situation that happens when our bathroom is poorly lit.

Bathroom Vanity Light On Wall

In the bathroom (especially when it is small), it is often said that a single global lighting is enough … wrong! For optimal lighting in the bathroom, it does not need one but two light sources: a general lighting (or global) and so-called functional lighting. And contrary to what we can believe one is not more important than the other: both are necessary.

The overall lighting will illuminate the entire room while functional lighting is used to bring more light to a particular area. Every morning you spend in your bathroom with one goal in mind: to make you clean and beautiful for the day. So, if there is a mistake not to commit it is good to forget to install a light source around the mirror .

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