Good Privacy Screen Room Divider

The privacy screen room divider allow to create new spaces without losing space. In wall or wall, single leaf or two leaves, crossed or not, the possibilities of development of sliding doors are multiple. As a separation between two rooms, to hide storage spaces. Or to isolate a space without masking the light. The sliding doors, it is the good idea planning space saving in the house. They are install in overlay (wall), in the wall (pocket or retractable). Exist with one or two leaves and intersect or not.

Panel Privacy Screen

To separate the block of bathroom and lingerie from the rest of this Parisian apartment, two sliding doors come to equip the openings to the corridor. Mirrored way for lingerie and wooden spirit reclaimed for the bathroom. They are laid down to avoid adding a thickness to the walls of separation. Retractable sliding doors with two leaves separate the living room from the guest room. When it is not use, it serves as an annex to the salon.

In wood, like venetian blinds, the sliding doors warm the atmosphere and integrate easily into the decor. Not to mention, a real saving of space in the living room compared to conventional doors.  The small living room in small apartment is separate from the living room by silkscreen glass panels. These sliding doors allow to delimit the space without obstructing the light.

24 Good Privacy Screen Room Divider Photos