Great Ideas For Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures – Your bedroom is a sanctuary in your home, but it often has other important functions to play. Bedrooms often serve as the home office, dressing room, and romance nest. To carry out all these functions with effective lighting requires the use of various types of lights.

Lowes Lighting

Rooms need lighting right next to the bed in the form of table lamps. Ideally, the lamps should be on either side of the bed to accommodate sleepers’ need for reading light. Lamps or sconces should throw their light down. You will want to use white or light lampshades to allow most of the light at the same time as the use of three-way light bulbs to control the intensity of the light. To create a different lighting effect with bedside lamps use colored bulbs such as red or green. A nylon or silk scarf pulled over a light colored screen creates an interesting abstract look throughout the room if the scarf is translucent. Care must be taken when wearing a scarf, as it could pose a fire risk. Use light bulbs of low consumption.

Upstairs lighting in the bedroom comes in a variety of forms, from the glass of milk dome or clear bucket covers more than bare bulbs to lit ceiling fans, lamps, and silk screens, even exquisite to hang ceiling lamps. Ceiling lights act as general ambient lighting and can contribute to the design of the room. Use lighting intensity dimmers in the room to lighten or reduce the intensity of light.

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