Great Sofa Table Ideas

Sofa table ideas are an elegant and functional addition to any living space. The piece gives living rooms a more polished look, while providing additional storage and surface. Traditionally, sofas tables are proportional to the size of your sofa, are placed behind or next to a sofa. And can be expensive, depending on the size. Do it yourself sofa tables are a more economical and customizable solution. Created using wood and lumber, this rectangular table sofa can be painted and customized for decoration.

Awesome Homemade Sofa Table
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Measure the height of your sofa using tape measure and plot the dimensions of your sofa table accordingly. For example, if your sofa is 36 inches tall and 48 inches long. You have plans to create a sofa table that is 36 inches tall and 48 inches long. The width of the table is entirely up to you, but these steps will help you create a sofa table that is 18 inches wide on its top surface.

Purchase wood and glass at your local home improvement store and have them cut to fit the size of the table surface, 48 by 18 inches. Your wooden base will have to be two inches thick and your cup should be 1/4 inch thick. Purchase six of 2 by 2 inches pieces of wood cut to 33 inches tall. These will work like the legs of the table. They should be cut to approximately three inches shorter than their actual height from the desired table to account for the surface of the table and the leg pads to be attached once complete.

24 Great Sofa Table Ideas Photos