History Of The Japanese Screen Room Divider

Folding Japanese screen room divider is an easy solution to break a large interior space. Or to separate a work area, such as a home office, from a living room. Although it may seem like a modern design concept. The room dividers have been around for hundreds of years.

Japanese Screen Room Divider Elegant

The protected area divisor seems to have first come into existence in Asia, originating in China. Some screens date from the eighth century are still in existence, but most historians agree that the screens were probably being use in hundreds of years earlier. References in the literature and on the old screens date tombs so again as the second century BCE

In Japan, the design and construction of screen divisions became a fine art, with many types developed over the centuries, named for their special use. Some were overweight and made of wood, while others were more decorative and used rice paper in their system. Frequently used are delicate paintings with common Japanese motifs of landscapes or images of nature. Some screens folded, but some were meant to be stationary. The merchants of Europe began to bring the ornamental screens back to their countries of origin by the late 15th century. But it was not until the 19th century that the concept became popular in Europe and North America. Until the present of Western adaptations in the design and artistic style over time.

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