How To Accessorize A Sofa Table Ikea

Sofa table ikea to Accessorizing can give a room a creative focal point that reflects your personality. Creating the perfect tables is like creating a still life for a painting. While an individual item on a coffee table may not work well on its own, it may work well when combined with other items. Mix and match objects with different textures. For example, straight objects use curved ones, or attach shiny objects with their carpet-texture counterparts for an interesting look.

Salvaged Sofa Table


Center your favorite picture book on the coffee table. You don’t have to buy an “official” big, heavy coffee table book; simply show any book that contains interesting visual elements. If you do not have a book with pictures in it, use a photo album or scrapbook. Dress up your coffee table with flowers. Flower arrangements can add a soft, romantic or whimsical feel to a room. Use fresh flowers in a vase or quality silk flowers for a long-lasting accessory. Some craft stores have staff specializing in making silk flower arrangements;

Take a picture of a flower arrangement you like and buy silk flower counterparts. You do not need to use a traditional vase for silk flowers; you can use a neat box or container made of ceramic or metal. When placing a flower arrangement on the coffee table, keep the arrangement height and the size of the table in mind. A finer wooden tray that matches your interior is a simple accessory that you can use to decorate your coffee table. If you have a small coffee table, place a tray in the middle of it. Use two trays on a large coffee table to create a sense of balance.

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