How To Build A Box Of Jewelry Wall Mirror

Jewelry Wall Mirror – Constructing a recessed wall jewelry box may seem like a daunting task, but with a precise cut in the last between studs of the wall, the jewelry box will slide right in. To finish the elegant design of the jewelry box, use a pre-bought mirror, wooden frames as a door. It will also act as a guide for the height of the jewelry box.

Mirror Wall Decor

Cut two pieces of the 1-by-4 by measuring the height of the jewelry box. Check this measurement by measuring the opening in the wall. Lay the two vertical pieces of jewelry box on the wall and butt their ends to the edges of the two horizontal pieces. Connect the sides of the jewelry box together with the glue. Apply glue on the front edge of the jewelry box, lay the 1-by-2 pieces on the edge – 2 inches down – and snap them into place.

Create hanging shelves and racks inside the jewelry box using the 1/2-by-1s, 1-by-2 and 1-by-4s. 1/2-by-1s strips. That is can support earrings and necklaces hook. Stain or paint the inside and outside of the jewelry box to coordinate with your mirror framed the front door. Recess the jeweler on the wall. Align and level the mirror on the front of the cabinet to install as a door. Close the magnetic closure enclosure inside the mirrored door and the jewelry box housing.

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