How To Build A Wood Wine Rack

Wood Wine Rack – Adding a wine wood shelf to an existing piece of furniture or a set of shelves is an excellent way to add storage for your wine to the existing decor. Adding a shelf to an existing structure instead of buying or building a larger. Autonomous wine rack allows you to take advantage of existing furniture and optimize the use of space in your home.

Wood Wine Rack Wall

Cut a table with the necessary dimensions for its conservation. These dimensions depend on the size of the cabinet or box where the wine rack is to be installed. For best results, make sure your closet or box can hold a shelf that is at least 12 inches deep. Mark the shelf every 4 ½ inches on the long side with a tape measure and a pencil. Draw a perpendicular line across the board with your pencil on each mark. To ensure the lines are straight, use a carpenter’s square as your guide. Place the square against the long side of the board, align the mark you made and then draw the line across the board.

Cut lengths of 1-inch stockings around trim with a saw to match the width of the board. Sand the ends of each piece when it has been cut. You must cut as many pieces as lines on the board. Align each compensation piece on the lines on the board and nail them in position with nails without a head. Place the wine bottles in the spaces between the trim.

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