How To Build Independent Bookcase With Ladder

Bookcase with Ladder – A self-supporting staircase shelf will add an intelligent look to any room. By creating individual shelving units and making each one shorter in width, the finished piece will mimic the appearance of an escalating staircase. And because it is an independent piece, it can be placed anywhere – inside an office, bedroom in the home and even on a wall next to a staircase to emphasize the staircase design treatment.

Wood And Metal Bookcase With Ladder

Determine the number of shelf units for individual books that you are going to make. Calculate the width and height of each shelf unit. Use a tall book to help determine a height that will work best for your book collection. Make the width of the unit that will be on the floor the largest amount. And then make each shelf eight inches additional width shorter. Use the depth and height measurements to cut two pieces of wood to form the left and right sides.

Sand, stain or prime and paint all the pieces of wood, including the plywood for the back panel. To your liking before assembling the pieces to create the shelves. Run a bead of contact adhesive along the edges of each piece of wood. Glue the pieces together to form the shelves. Measure the width and height along the back of each shelf. Place the individual units in the place of the shelf. Stack the units in order to their graduated heights.

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