How To Build Room Divider Doors

Room Divider Doors – The construction of a wall that divides the interior of your home allows you to create additional space. Such as a bedroom or office, without going through the expense and hassle of building an addition. The installation of a door in the wall provides privacy for the occupants of the new room. You can use a prehung door to make the installation process a bit easier. You will need an assistant for this project.

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Measure the height of the wall and subtract 1/4 of an inch, and cut 1/2-inch gypsum boards to match. Make the first sheet of drywall on the ceiling and the adjoining wall with the help of an assistant. screw plus drywall panels through the drywall and through the frame every 16 inches. Installation of the rest of the drywall, using the same process.

Lift the prehung door in place on the door, with the hinges on the correct side. Center the door in the frame by sliding wedges into the space between the door and the frame. Maintain a level against the door frame and adjust the wedges as necessary. 10d Hammer finishing nails through the door frames and shims and through the frame around the door. Cut the excess length of the wedges with a knife. Cover the plaster with a layer of primer and let it dry. Apply two coats of paint to the walls, allowing each layer to dry. Nail the new frame around the door and molding to the base of the wall with 6d finishing nails.

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