How To Build Small Garden Shed For Storage

Small Garden Shed – As with most backyard buildings, there are many ways to design and build a storage shed. Standard construction techniques and materials are appropriate for slopes of almost any size. A 2 x 4 wooden frame covered in 1 / 2- or 5-ply / 8-inch plywood is ideal for modest sheds on a budget. You can cover the roof with wood panels and asphalt shingles for roofs or roller, or simply apply metal or corrugated sheet roofing directly on the roof structure.

Rustic Garden Sheds Plans Design

The steps described here are just one way to build a simple independent storage small garden shed plans. Dig the soil in the shed area to a depth of 6 inches. Add a 6-inch layer of gravel, smooth, flat and level rake, then tamp with a rented plate compactor or a hand tamper. Cut two or more woods to match the length of the shed. Set the woods on the gravel with even spacing, and make sure they are at the same level.

Construct a 2 x 6-floor frame with pressure treated wood, the spacing of 16-inch or 24-inch joists in the center. Set the box on top of the woods and fix it with nails. Floor frame cover with 3/4 inch plywood. Frame the walls creative shed ideas with 2 x 4 wood, with a spacing of 16 or 24 inches. Lift the walls and fix them together and to the ground, making sure that each wall is square. Squeeze the walls with temporary transverse bracing.

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