How To Build Small Storage Shed

Small Storage Shed – A storage shed is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor tools and equipment. It is also a great place to make “honey” projects that mess up the garage. Storage sheds are bringing to some pre-planning. Check local building codes to see if a construction permit is required. Storage sheds can be built on a wooden subfloor or concrete foundation and are easy to build and very affordable.

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Determine where to place the shed. The location should be easily accessible, on a flat and visually appealing surface. Prepare the site by removing any type of grass soil and the existing level. A walking tractor, lawn mower or shovel will work. Pour a 4-inch concrete platform or build a wooden base. Build the walls of the 2×4 booth at 16 inches in the center. Use a bottom plate of pressure-treated wood and two of 2×4 for the top plate to tie the walls together. Cover the outside with an outer coating of your choice.

Frame the roof with the appropriate 2x wood specified by the lumberyard. Cut the OSB siding (oriented fiberboard) with the size and key to the roof structure. Install paper and felt tiles. Trim outer corners and fascia with materials provided by the lumberyard. Paint and enjoy your new shed.

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