How To Clean The Bronze Table Lamp

Bronze Table Lamp – Bronze is golden in color alloy create of copper and zinc. It is normally used to make marches, locks, musical instruments, home accessories, and decorative objects. Lacquered brass contains a lacquer finish barrier that helps prevent oxidation. Small cracks and fissures in the lacquer can expose bronze to air and water vapor, causing oxidation and tarnishing. To clean the tarnish of a lacquered brass lamp, it will be necessary to remove the lacquer first. The lamp can then be cleaned and polished, restoring its color and appearance.

Bronze Table Lamps For Bedroom

Turn off and unplug the brass lamp. Remove the screen and set it aside. If possible, remove the light plug and electrical wiring. Usually, you can unscrew it from the top of the lamp. Apply paint remover or acetone, for cloth and pass it through the lamp to remove the lacquer. Remove any remaining lacquer with a thin steel wool pad. Dampen a cloth with warm water and wipe the lamp to remove any paint or acetone solvent.

Rinse the cloth with warm water and squeeze it. Rub the lamp to remove any soap residue. Dry the lamp with a soft cloth. Apply bronze enamel to a soft cloth and rub the lamp to remove any tarnish and enhance the brightness and color of the bronze. Apply 1 teaspoon. Of olive oil on a cloth and clean the bronze to apply a light and uniform layer of protection. Remove excess oil with a dry part of the cloth.

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