How To Connect The Wall Wine Rack

Wall Wine Rack – Wall wine mounted racks can help save space and still allow you to store wine properly. They will also allow you to show some of your favorite wines in an elegant way. Wine racks are available in a large number of wood species and metallic finishes. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern so that you will be able to find a compatible donor for your home. You could install several wine racks on one wall to create a spectacular display of wine in any configuration.

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Measure from the ground with a tape measure along the wall where you will install the grid to the height where you want the grid placed. Mark the measurement with a pencil. Slide a survey finder on the wall in the general area where the rack will be installed. Mark the location of the two closest asparagus.

Keep the wine rack against the wall so that the mounting holes in the corners are centered over the studs. Place a level on the top of the frame while holding it in place on the wall. Adjust the frame for the level and mark the mounting holes on the wall with a pencil. Insert the screws included with the frame through the mounting holes in the corner of the frame into the wall with a screw gun to fix it to the wall.

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