How To Customize Owl Kitchen Curtains

Looking at a gray pair of owl kitchen curtains can make your room appear bland or mechanisms. Even new curtains can be expensive; it only takes a few steps to customize curtains to see in what way you want with added accessories or fabric. Plan how you want your curtains to look and buy the goods you need in advance to start and finish your curtain customization project in one day.

Roman Owl Valance Curtains


Use a glue gun to apply lengths of ribbon along the sides and / or top and bottom edges of the curtains to add just one strip of color. The width of the band will depend on how much color you want to display. Extend your kitchen curtains to the floor at the same time as a bold statement by stitching a wide strip of fabric in a contrasting color to the lower edge of the curtain. For example, a beige curtain sinking to the bottom of a window may have a 1- to 2-foot section of red sewn to make the curtain stand out.

Spread the curtain on a large piece of plain cardboard and use foam stamps and textile colors to add design to regular kitchen curtains. The stamps can be applied randomly through the curtain, as in a diagonal or grid pattern, or placed only along the top or bottom of the curtain to create a frame. This works especially well for nurseries or temporary kitchen curtains. Be sure to choose a border that works with the style of the room but is safe for children or pets as some trim have small beads or sequins that can loosen the drug.

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