How To Decorate Bathroom With Subway Tile

Bathroom with subway tile, commonly found throughout New York City’s subway stations. They are brick tiles with rectangular patterns that are also used in many houses. People often use the tiles of the subway in the two modern and traditional bathrooms, the kitchens, and around the chimneys.

Subway Tiles For Shower

Choose the color, size, and enamel of the tile. Standard tiles are white and are 3 by 6 inches, but subway tiles are available in many colors and sizes as small as 1 by 3 inches and as large as 6 by 12 inches. Decide on the use of handmade tiles or machine-made tiles and plan the design. Installation of the panels on the wall for the tile has a flat surface on which it adheres.

Measure the wall and tile to make sure you have enough. It begins at the upper corner of the area where it is tiled and the glue is spread on each tile piece or directly on the wall according to the adhesive instructions. Push the tile on the wall with a slight twisting motion. Continue with the rest of the tiles until finished. Cut tiles from the edges with a diamond blade to create the brick style pattern. Propagation slurry on the tile dries if the tiles require it. Use white grout or a colored grout for a modern look.

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