How To Decorate Bathroom With Unique Shower Curtains

Decorating a bathroom is a big challenge. Using unique shower curtains as a focal point for a bathroom gives your bathroom interiors together. Choosing the right color, style, texture and pattern of shower curtain can determine the result of all other bathroom materials and accessories. Choose how the curtain hangs and the design of the shower curtain hooks adds to the style. Picking a shower curtain design is the first step in decorating a bathroom because all other bathroom elements revolve around shower curtains.

Decorative Shower Curtain


Determine a theme for the bathroom. Shower curtains are a focal point in the bathroom and usually represent the theme or style of a bathroom. When choosing a theme, it’s time to buy a shower curtain. Pick the theme before buying a shower curtain; you can take the colors of the shower curtain in the bathroom to create unity. Measure the shower to determine how long a shower curtain to buy. Shower curtains come in different sizes and sometimes contain more than one curtain. Write this measurement down to remember it later.

Choose how you want the shower curtain to match your bathroom. Add wallpaper as coordinates with shower curtain. Consistency helps keep bathroom decor looking stylish. Matching shower curtain to wall paint or bathroom decor allows custom shower curtains to match your style appropriately. Determine a regular color or pattern that can be easily represented throughout the bathroom. Look at different structures of shower curtains. Two types of common shower curtain textures are fabric and vinyl. Vinyl shower curtains are cheaper. Fabric shower curtains are more expensive but easier to clean. The choice of a shower curtain texture can make a bathroom seem more elegant.

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