How To Decorative Purple Shower Curtains

Decorative purple shower curtains make a strong color effect in a bathroom. Usually the shower curtain is the largest single color of the fabric in the room and often this color is repeated around the bathroom as an accent color. The type of shower curtain chosen, how it is mounted and what types of hangers and liners are used can change how a bathroom feels.

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Install a ceiling mounting double shower curtain rod set for a bubble bath with shower. This type of curtain bar set allows you to install the longest curtains possible that add height and elegance and a sense of casing around larger Jacuzzi. For a bathtub without a shower, you can choose a single roof bracket. Curved double and single rods are also available for corner mounted tubs. Choose an outer curtain or cloth made of conventional fabric. The outer curtain is more decorative and it is often draped elegantly open with tiebacks.

Choose a curtain liner made of a waterproof material that is neutral, clear, lightly frosted or looks like a clean window drapery. This feed must be long enough to hang in the bathtub if there is a shower. Lined, when present, mounted to second and inner curtain rods. Attach liner using decorative hangers themes that fit the interior of your bathroom. Mount Tieback stations at the outer walls at 1/3 ceiling height. Use decorative fabric tiebacks, belts or costume jewelry to draw drapes back.

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