How To Fix White Wood Bookcase

White Wood Bookcase – If you live in an area prone to earthquakes or have children or pets, securing your shelves to the wall should be a high-security priority. Even if your living space meets any of these criteria, it’s not a bad idea. A fully loaded bookshelf 6 feet tall, could weigh 700 pounds easily. If your shelves have glass doors, it’s even more likely that they would fall forward under stress. Securing the shelves to the floor, or putting the heavy books on the lower shelves, will not be left with the bookshelves leaning forward and falling.

White Solid Wood Bookcase

Unload the shelf and move it out of the wall. Use a stud locator to locate the studs on the wall behind the bookshelf. Measure the width of a bookshelf shelf. They do not include the sides of the shelf. Cut a piece of wood 1 by 6 to match the length of the bookshelf shelves. You may want to paint this piece of wood to match your walls.

Move the bookcase in its place. Place the board cut against the wall under the top shelf of the bookcase. Place the plate on the work surface and drilling a pilot hole 1/16 inch through the gasket into the line or lines that show where the studs are. Attach the top shelf of the bookcase to the plate using 2-inch L-brackets. Use ½-inch long screws to attach two L-brackets to the bottom of the top shelf.

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