How To Hang An IKEA Wine Rack

IKEA Wine Rack – Ikea furniture and homeware company specializes in pieces. That can be used in different ways, not least of which is the Vurm wine rack. The Vurm wine rack is a stainless steel rack capable of holding four bottles of wine. And, it can be used in one of two ways. Or you can put it flat on its back or hang it on the wall. In February 2019, it is the only Ikea wine rack that can be hung. To ensure that it hangs sturdy and is capable of supporting the bottles, it is necessary to take proper precautions when hanging it.

Wine Rack Cabinet Insert Lowes

Use a stud locator to find nails on the wall, if applicable. A pin is the safest place to hang anything, especially something like a shelf of wine that is used to support the weight. To determine the exact place you want to hang your wine rack. Hold the shelf against the wall in that location and place the level on top of it. Rotate your level from side to side until it is perfectly level. Place the tip of a pencil through each of the four holes in the wine rack to mark where you need to punch. Fix your wine rack down out of the way.

Make four holes in the wall where you marked with your pencil and tighten an anchor bolt in each hole. Line your wine tilt back with the holes where the anchors are now. Use the drill to screw the four screws through the holes in the wine rack and into the anchors – the wine rack is now in place and ready to hold your wine bottles.

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