How To Hang Lighted Wall Mirror

Lighted wall mirror are typically large pieces of mirror cut into a rectangle. They are mounted on the wall of the bathroom above the sink or dressing table. Homeowners sometimes confused about how to hang these mirrors because they have flat backs with no visible hooks. It is a good idea to have another person nearby to help lift the mirror.

Diy Lighted Wall Mirror


Hold the mirror up to the bathroom wall in the place where you want to install it and place a level on top of the mirror to make sure you have it straight. Have another person trace around the lighted wall mirror with a pencil to draw a sketch on the wall. Hold a stud up to the bathroom wall inside the mirror contour. Turn the stud on and move it over the wall until it lights to indicate a wall rule. Place a small pencil marking on the wall in that location and find some remaining wall bars in the area.

Hold a plastic mirror mounting clip against the wall with the open end facing up and align the screw holes with the bore. Insert the screw into the screw hole and fasten it with a screwdriver. Repeat the installation drilling and clipping process to install one to two additional clips along the bottom of the mirror contour. Lift the lighted wall mirror in place and set the lower edge of the mirror in the clamps. Press the mirror against the wall and the other person has to hold it in place. Install additional mounting clips around the sides and top of the mirror and make sure there are two clips on each side of the lease.

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