How To Hang The Standing Wall Mirror

Standing Wall Mirror – Cheval is a full-length mirror that rests on the support that rests on the floor. A pivot screw on each side arm of the bracket allows the mirror to tilt vertically. Cheval mirrors are normally set in, heavy decorative rectangular or oval frames. To hang the mirror standing, it must first be removed from its support.

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Place the mirror on a flat surface. Remove the mirror from the support by removing the pivot pins or screws from the support arms. Place the stand on one side. Turn the mirror right side down. Use a pencil and a reference point to mark four points on the mirror frame. Drill a pilot hole through each mark, using a drill bit with a smaller diameter than the threaded rods of the eye bolts. Pass the end of the image thread through the left eye screw below, leaving a 4-inch tail.

Hold the horizontal wire near the top of the frame with your thumbs, a span of approximately 4 inches away. Hold the top center of the wire in two places, 4 inches away. Note the distance from the cable to the top of the mirror frame. Pilot holes through each pilot mark hole in the wall. If you feel the bit insert a post structure, stop drilling. Install a wood screw in each pilot or anchor hole. Hang the wire from the box, installed on the back of the mirror, on the installed screws.

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