How To Hang Wall Mirror For Bedroom

Wall mirror for bedroom is an excellent way to decorate a bedroom. They come in different shapes and sizes and range from the very simple square or rectangular mirrors to the elegant detailed framed mirrors that occupy half of a wall. Whatever the case, learning as much as you can about hanging bedroom mirrors before choosing one will protect you from potential problems during installation. Clamps on the mirrors used to hang mirrors are also varied in design and strength. Choosing wisely includes knowing the shape and weight of the chosen mirror.

Rectangular Wall Mirror For Living Room Model

Look for the area of ​​the wall where the mirror in the room will hang. Place the carpenter’s level on the horizontal mark and draw a weak line on the wall. Locate and mark the studs of the wall with the search engine. Turn the carpenter level vertically and draw a weak line perpendicular to the horizontal line that represents the base of the mirror.

Make a pilot hole for the mirror support on the horizontal line. Be sure to find a stallion as this will have the full weight of the mirror. Install the brackets for the mirror base. Mark the wall for the brackets that will hold the sides of the mirror securely to the wall. Remove the mirror, drill pilot holes and install the anchors on the walls. Then install the brackets on the wall loosely. Place the mirror on the wall in the brackets and tighten the clamps to hold the mirror in place.

12 How To Hang Wall Mirror For Bedroom Photos