How To Lay Subway Tile Bathroom

Popularized by subway tile bathroom used in 20th Century, subway tiles were a neat home decor choice until the 1930s. What is old is new again as subway tiles are now a trendy alternative for kitchen, bath and fireplace surrounds. These rectangular tiles are usually 3 x 6 inches, but nowadays you can find subway tiles in sizes from 1 x 2 inches to 4 x 12 inches and in a variety of colors. Learning to lay the subway tile is a simple do-it-yourself project with the right preparation and patience.

Black And White Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas


Start with a smooth and clean surface. For walls, patch holes and defects. Shower and bath surround should have cement helper board installed. On floors, a wooden subfloor or a cement surface, a better end product ensures. Determine your tile bathroom pattern.

The most common pattern for the subway tile is the binding pattern, where the joints are offset. Another popular pattern is jack-on jacks that lay out trays in a pillar room way. Plan your layout. Floor layouts start with tiles as from the center of the room and move out towards the walls. Wall layouts, including shower and tub surrounds, are centered on the rear wall so a course of full tiles is laid on top.

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