How To Make Metal And Wood Bookcase

Metal And Wood Bookcase – Building your own furniture can be one of the greatest pleasures a do-it-craftsman can experience. A bookseller is a wonderful beginner project because it is such a simple piece of furniture. You can dress with stains and decorative metal work to create a truly original work of art. If you use a stronger wood like MDF (medium density wood fiber), you will have a shelf that will stand the test of time and maybe even be pass on to the next generation.

IKEA Kallax Bookcase

Sand all of the cutting edges of the wood to eliminate the splinters. Place the 31 1/2 by 48 table with the floor. This will be the back of the bookshelf. Place the two 11 1/2 by 48 boards of the back plate, one along each side of 48 inches, perpendicular to the back plate. These will be the sides of the shelf. Attach them with wood screws, drilling small holes in the stop screws first to prevent the wood from splitting.

Attach one of the 11 by 30 boards at the top end of the bookcase with wood screws. Place another 11 by 30 plate on the bottom with wood screws. Place the other three 11 by 30 boards as shelves with wood screws. They should be secured on both sides. Attach the 3 of 30 boards in front of the top and bottom boards with wood screws. Stain on the shelf with wood stain. Attach the decorative metal corners to the rack with mounting nails.

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