How To Make Wine Glass Rack

Wine glass rack – Wine set is an easy way to make your space look sophisticated and elegant. Most wine rack for sale on the Internet or your local wine accessories seller is quite expensive and will still be uninstalled. Forget about the seller’s wine rack and head to your local hardware store to make your own

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You need:


Find a place where you can build your wine glass rack. The best place is at the top of a smaller cabinet next to a larger one. The shelf can then be parallel in height with the larger box to give it a balanced look. Decide how much wine you need to store in your rack. The biggest thing to do is to hold about twelve bottles. If you need to store more wine than that, then you should consider creating a larger space for your collection. You only need a few square meters to make a rack that holds enough bottles. Make sure the space is level and square. Give six inches of six inches for each bottle of wine.

Purchase of material for your wine glass rack. You can make a good rack of wood or metal. Buy some wood screws that match the color of wood. If they do not have these types of screws, then get some wood, you can place over the installed screw. Give the same distance for each rack of wine. Add in a few inches if you think you want to store alcohol bottles in your rack. Screw in other parts parallel to the frame to make separate holders for each bottle of wine. Place the finished rack in your built-in pre-picked-in place and then attach it.


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