How To Measure Bathtub Glass Door

Bathtub glass door is a common addition in many home bathrooms. These doors can be more durable than a regular shower curtain and add a sense of style and decor you must decide what type of glass door to install. For example, opaque doors will hide the inside shower, while clear doors will not. When installing a shower door, start by taking careful measurements. Most tubs and showers have different angles or curves to account for when measurements.

System Glass Shower Door For Bathtub


Measure the shower opening in two places. Take a measurement near the bottom of the cubicle or tub, just above the curve at the floor. Bathtub glass door for the second measurement, place the tape measure about one foot from the top of the shower. Write down the larger of the two measurements. Measure the height of the shower opening. Start on a flat surface at the bottom, to avoid any curves. Measure to just below the shower. Stop at some curves or chamfers in the shower wall at this point. Write down the height measurement.

Location of Glass door

Raise the door; place the attached hinge rail as if the door was in an open position. Guide the hinge rail in the jamb. Hold the bathtub glass door firmly in place and use level solder door. Lift the hinge rail out of the top or bottom of the jamb if it is not properly adjusted. Check that half inch of space between the hinge rail and jamb, which means the door is soldered. Drill holes through existing hinge rail holes in the mounted jamb while holding the door in place. Use pan screws to attach hinge rail to jamb.

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