How To Paint Globe Table Lamp

Globe table lamp, like other items in your home, attract dust, dirt, and grime. Instead of replacing or playing with the world, give new life to that by painting it with high-temperature spray paint.

World Globe Table Lamp

Place three or four sheets of newspaper on a table, countertop, work table or another flat surface. Remove the world from the lamp and place it on the newspaper covered surface. Spray the world of light with a glass cleaner, inside and outside. Let the cleaner sit in the world for five minutes. Clean the world of light with a soft cloth or cloth to remove dust and dirt from the world. If the caked-up dirt is present in the world of light, mix 1 scoop. of washing soap dishes and 2 cups of warm water in a bucket. Dip a soft cloth or rag in the bucket. Drain the excess mixture and rub the inside and outside of the light globe.

Rinse the world of light with hot water from a sink. Dry the balloon with a dry soft cloth or cloth. Place the light world upright on the newspaper-covered surface. Place the high-temperature spray can of paint 4 inches from the world of light. Spray the balloon evenly with the paint. Let the spray paint dry for 10 minutes and check the paint coverage. Apply a second coat of spray paint, if necessary. Let the world of light dry completely before placing it back on the light fixture.

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