How To Replace Dresser Drawer Pulls

If you are tired of your old agency and want a new look, replacing that agency with a new one can be an expensive choice. Far cheaper replaces dresser drawer pulls, which can add new life to your cupboard. However, you may not even want steering wheels for your cabinet, choosing pulls or any other handle instead.

Shabby Chic Drawer Pulls


Decide if you want knobs at all. Another option is to use draws, which gives you more to touch. However, the handle sometimes requires a second hole. In addition, the steering wheel takes less space. Many choose a dresser pulls when the door to the room has a pull, while selecting a knob when the door to the room uses a knob. Knobs made of different materials feel different. Options include polished tin, brass, stainless steel, plastic and glass. Also, consider how much wear you expect the anger to get. If you have kids who get messy, more expensive knobs that can easily chip can be a bad choice.

Look throughout the home. Does it have a more naive or fancy look? Some knobs are intricately carved and have striking colors, while other knobs are naive. Minimalist steering wheels are considered more modern. Upgrade your home to a higher level of elegance by replacing plastic handles with glass or crystal buds, which have a higher quality look. Different cuts of glass can give the anger of your home a unique look. Open the chest of drawers. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw that holds the old knob to the chest. Hold the knob and unscrew the screw so that the steering wheel does not fall and damage anything. Remove the knob.

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