How To Stick A Metal Mirror Wall Art

Metal mirror wall art can create either a focal point or a subtle accent in almost any room in the house. When you want to add a mirror to the wall, mounting options can vary from an image fixing kit. That is for framed mirrors to clips or frames for frameless mirrors. The use of an adhesive made specifically for mirrors offers another permanent mounting option that does not damage the finish of your mirror. You can use these stickers on painted walls properly prepared without loss to join forces.

Mirrored Wall Art

Dry-fit the mirror into place on your wall and level it. Clearly, mark the area where you are going to hang up. Set the mirror aside. Rough to the area where your mirror will go with a piece of coarse sandpaper. Do not make sand until there is paint on the left; instead, wear the surface to ensure that the adhesive will take a bite. Cut the tip of the mirror adhesive tube out to the desired length, and drill the inner seal of the tube.

Load the mirror adhesive on the putty gun. Squeeze the trigger several times to prime the tube and check that the flow of adhesive is adequate. squeeze points of 1 inch of adhesive on the back of the mirror, at 12-inch intervals in a grid pattern. Align the mirror with the marks on the wall, and press firmly into place. If possible, prepare the mirror to prevent the adhesive from warping or sliding. You can remove the keys after 48 hours. Wipe away any excess adhesive with mineral spirits.

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