Hugely Popular Pallet Sofa Table

Pallet sofa table – Pallet has become hugely popular in recent years. It is due to several things. Bamboo grows very quickly, with most woods taking decades to shoot up. In addition, bamboo is very robust and durable, which of course means that furniture in this material has a long life. Last but not least, bamboo is also pretty nice to look at.

Console Pallet Wood Table

If you’ve read so far (or maybe just scrolled fast). The thought might have struck you that wood and metal combined seem to be quite popular. Because that’s it. However, most coffee tables with the combination are characterized by a relatively narrow metal frame. Which model is thus characterized by a good portion of metal with drawer and the whole piglet. The design, moreover, seems to be inspired by the furniture that is made of old parts. Of course, it’s not quite the same, but you understand what I mean.

If you appreciate the industrial style, where it must be raw, you are also sure to appreciate this square table in gray tones. The coffee table is made of pure metal and would fit well into detail-oriented homes, where minimalism and authenticity are common denominators. In addition, such a coffee table would also be suitable for a greenhouse or orangery.

12 Hugely Popular Pallet Sofa Table Photos