Ideas For Bedroom Accent Wall

Bedroom accent wall are not difficult to decorate. It can be fun to pick out just the right decor and accessories for this, the most personal room in a home. Unlike several public rooms in the house, the bedroom should be unique. Create a restful and personal bedroom by adding color, wallpaper, photos, shelves and your favorite personal items to the walls.

Purple Accent Wall Colors

Color and wallpaper

Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate a bedroom wall. Create a cozy cottage feel by installing wainscoting halfway up the wall, then painting the upper half of the wall a soft neutral color. Another popular look in the bedrooms is to use paint tapes to create wide vertical stripes. Paint every other strip in a slightly darker tone of the same shade of color. This look is attractive when used on an accent wall behind the bed. Accent walls can also be decorated with wallpaper. Choose a romantic pattern and wallpaper the wall behind the bed. Finish the rest of the room in a color that complements the wallpaper.


Photos are popular in bedrooms, especially the bedrooms. You don’t want to cover a whole wall with family photos, though. This will create a messy look that does not contribute to the relaxing feel that will be created in a bedroom. Instead, choose two or three favorite images and have them printed in black and white or sepia tones. Then, carpet and frame images in the same frame for a cohesive, elegant and restful look. Hang them in a horizontal row above a chair rail or headboard.

12 Ideas For Bedroom Accent Wall Photos