Ideas For DIY Wood Storage Rack

Wood Storage Rack – As a do-it-yourself project, you can make firewood racks in different sizes, shapes, and styles. And from various types of material. The purpose of a wood stove is to keep the wood dry. Seasoning is the process of drying the wood over time. Most wood lasts between six months and a year for the season. Once seasoned, the wood should stay dry until you need to burn it in a fireplace.

Racks For Storage

The three basic types of wood casting racks are used while seasoning the wood, storing the dry and stacked wood next to the fireplace. The use of non-seasoned wood in your fireplace wood waste because you will not get as much heat from it as you want from seasoned firewood. If you try to burn wood not seasoned, “the heat produced by the combustion must dry the wood before it is going to burn, using a large percentage of the energy available in the process,” according to the Fire Safety Institute of America.

A frame designed to hold the wood during the drying process must be sturdy to withstand the weight of the wood and stable to withstand the wind that pushes through the pile and structured to keep the ends of the pile from collapsing. It should prevent the wood from touching the ground. The frame also has to be large so that it can leave space between the trunks for air circulation, the main means by which water is extracted from the wood. A sunny place and will accelerate the process.

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