Ideas For The Curtains For Bedroom

Drapery or curtains for bedroom is used to block light to a greater or lesser degree, establish a mood or add a stylized touch to space. Depending on the chosen drapery and design, bedroom curtains can do all of the above or serve a specific purpose. Drapery must match or complement the existing color on the walls of the room, the carpet, and decoration. According to Candice Olson, an expert on HGTV, the right window treatment along with a well-designed room can create a luxurious and real space.

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Light fabrics or thin curtains used to allow a considerable amount of light to penetrate the room, It creates a bright and airy environment. When using lightweight fabrics, the use of light colors is more common. As they contribute to the bright ambiance of the room. Faint fabrics can be superimposed over the window for greater blocking of light or hung as a single layer. It is just to simply add a bit of privacy to the bedroom area. Lightweight fabrics can also be covered on the bedposts, or around the entire room to unify the airy design.

Heavy curtains use thick, rich colored fabrics to completely block light in a room and add a real atmosphere. And this heavy fabric is classically used for the drapery room. As the complete functions of blocking light to keep the sleeping area dark during rest. Heavy fabrics, although completely opaque with one layer, are normally designed to have multiple layers in order to add depth to the design. The fabrics are generally dark and rich in color, often made of a soft and velvety fabric. Rich tones help add depth and style to the otherwise oppressive thick fabric.

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