Ideas Of Bathroom Wall Cabinets With Mirror

Bathroom wall cabinets with mirror – The mirror is then articulated to the wall and opened when accessing the contents of the box. It is a practical and convenient use of space that is not otherwise used at all. The medicine cabinets are usually used for the storage of bathroom items frequently accessed such as medicine, toothpaste or makeup.

Bathroom Mirror Wall Cabinets Best Ideas

Ideas for install bathroom wall cabinets with mirror. Measure the width and height of the medicine cabinet to be installed and draw a contour on the wall that is ¼ inch larger in each direction. Centering it over the sink and placing it at the height you want the mirror. Cut the drywall out using a drywall saw or knife. Be careful not to cut or disturb cables or pipes that may be on the wall where you are cutting.

Build a framework. Measure the distance between the two studs that are inside the wall on each side of the hole is cut. If you had to cut a bolt out in the previous step. And you will either have to reduce its rear end, or modify the horizontal pieces in the next step butt against it. Cut two pieces two by four so that they fit horizontally between the two vertical posts closest to the hole.

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