Ideas Of Floating Nightstand DIY

While most floating nightstand DIY rest entirely on the floor, some seem to float, set in the wall instead. This unusual arrangement gives you more floor space and gives a creative look to your bedroom. Creating a floating nights is a fairly simple project, with the most important part being the use of wall anchors to prevent bedside tables from crashing to the floor in the middle of the night.

Modern Design Nightstand


Cut five pieces of wood for the different parts of the floating bedside table – an 18-by-18-inch top, an 18-by-18-inch bottom, two 4-by-18-inch sides and a 4-by-18 -tums back. Paint the wood, giving the inside of the back a slightly darker shade than the other pieces. Nail the five pieces together, forming an open fronted box shape. Search for the reinforcing wooden rails behind the wall where you install your floating bedside table, using a rule detector. If a stud is conveniently located, mark its place on the wall with a pen.

Drill holes near the top of the inside back. Hold the floating bedside table against the wall, using a level to make sure it is straight. Mark the position of the pilot holes on the wall with a pen, placing a hole over the stud previously labeled, if any. Drill holes in the position marked in the wall. Insert a wall anchor on some holes that are not over a stud and tap it in well with a hammer. Hold the bedside table in position again and screw it in place.

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