Ideas Of Floating Nightstand Ikea

Floating nightstand ikea give an illusion of space. For best results, build with solid wood as much as possible. However, plywood works well too. This makes a difference because it affects the measurements for the project. Oak lumber stains easily and sand smoothly, making it the most popular choice for projects like this.

Concept Ikea Nightstand


Preparation for the Assembly

Set 1-by-12-by-20-inch bit oak on a work table. Measure from one long side and make several marks ¾ and 1 ½ inches. Also look at several marks ¾ inches from the ends. Measure floating nightstand from one end of each part and make multiple markings of ¾ inches. Make the marks ¾ and 1 ½ inches from one of the long sides. Connect the marks to the angle bracket. Drill holes with a 1/16-inch drill between the rows in the length of the oak and between the ends and the line. Hold the guide holes at least 3/8 inches from the edges of the ends.

Cut the remaining piece of 1-by-12 with 20-inch oak timber to 18½ inches long with an electric miter saw. Set the fence on the table looked at 10 inches. Place the 18½-inch piece of oak flat on the table saw and butt it towards the fence. Run timber through the blade to produce a 1-by-10-by-18½-inch piece of wood. This is back to the floating nightstand. Set the fence on the floating nightstand looked at 18 inches. Cut the ums-inch plywood over the grain. Then the fence in the table moves the saw to 15 inches and runs the piece of plywood through the saw in the same direction as the grain. This is the top of the floating bedside table and measures 18-by-15-by-inches.

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