Ideas Of Japanese Table Lamp Paper Made

Japanese Table Lamp – The simple elegance found in both traditional and modern Japanese decoration has made it a popular design choice in the United States. Japanese lanterns combine soft light with neutral color, clean rice paper to bring the simple beauty of Asian-inspired decoration to your interior design scheme.

Table Lamp

Find a shape for your wireframe by selecting an object that has a similar shape, so that you can easily wrap the wire around it. Adjust the cable around the object, leaving the extra thread in both the lower and upper part of the lantern. These “loose ends” will become the back base. Fold the additional cable into the bottom of the frame (where you started wrapping the object) so they are set through the opening in the frame. This will act as a kind of base for the flashlight.

Court enough strips of rice paper to cover the sides of the lantern. Depending on your preference, this can be done in different ways. The easiest way, especially for spherical lanterns, is to cut a single strip that can go all the way around; however, this could be difficult if the surface of the wire structure is even slightly uneven. Glue the paper to the metal structure. Light bulb strings of the upper frame transverse wire and hang it to a level that sits comfortably inside the lamp.

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