Ideas Of Shed Roof House Plans

Shed roof house plans – Despite the name, the roof of the shed is not used only for sheds. That style is a frequent option for any addition to a house from a garage to a porch to a room. A roof shed tilts in only one direction, which simplifies its construction. Shed ceilings can be covered with tiles that match the house. Corrugated metal or vinyl, or even a flat roof membrane or similar material if the slope is too low. Some shed roofs are almost flat. The upper part of a roof of the shed is attached to the house.

Stylish Shed Roof House Plans

Identify the area on the side of the house where the roof of the shed will be attached. Then mark the outer edges and the basic height on the wall of the house with a marker. Locate the posts or base plates inside the wall. Find some structural element strong enough to support the weight of the roof of the shed. Then use a band girder or rim between the levels of a two-story house or double jointed wall cover on one floor.

Remove the wall covering with a lever or similar tool to attach a 2-by-6-inch primary beam that supports the roof structure of the shed. Take off sufficient coating that allows the installation of metal flashing between the wall of the house and the primary beam. And then mark the correct height for the roof fixing at each end of that space using a tape measure. And also draw a chalk line to mark the level of the bottom of the primary beam.

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