Ideas Of The Garage With Apartment

Garage with Apartment – Your garage apartment can have all the brilliance and brio of a suite in the attic if you approach its decoration. As if decorating a luxury loft instead of a small apartment above the garage. Find eclectic pieces of furniture, use neutral colors of the walls and dark accents. So, your small apartment has great style.

Tuff Shed Studio Apartment

Determine the style you are trying to achieve before decorating. Do you want a traditional or contemporary style to your apartment? Does not know? Tear photos of look magazines you like and re-create them in your space. While you are certainly free to mix and match families of styles, not having one or general aspect of the other dominant of the room gives the impression that there is no style at all.

Use a large piece of furniture in your small apartment instead of a lot of smaller pieces in order to make your space look bigger. Be careful that the large furniture has the right size for the room. Guests should not have to set aside to navigate around their apartment. A large sofa with a glass coffee table and a large plant create a polished and sophisticated look. As the last note, do not neglect the landscape that leads to your garage apartment. Landscaping is the first and last impression that the visitor will make about your home.

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