Ideas To Decorate Kitchen Cafe Curtains

Kitchen cafe curtains have come a long way since their Austrian origin from the 19th century when they were little more than a comfort concept for restaurant patrons. They have evolved into a showcase decoration style that helps define the overall decoration and the theme of a room. Characterized by short length that covers only half of the window, coffee curtains are not just for utility or privacy purposes anymore; who are making bold design statements.

Kitchen Cafe Curtains Decoration

For a modern, contemporary decor, make a coffee shade from the chain ball. Cut the chain to either end or shapes, zigzag the bottom, or arch them to match the window architecture, they settle on tracks that can be purchased at specialty hardware stores.

Country decoration often offers hand-painted accessories. Whether you make your own curtains or buy already made, you can customize with templates and fabric paint to coordinate the curtains with the theme in your room. Keep in mind that coffee curtains can be seen from outside the windows as well, so choose the colors that coordinate with the exterior of your home. Duplicate the accent color in your room by adding a cutout of the same color to your cafe curtain. Use twill tape, seam binding, pipes, or any decorative trim to coordinate curtains with your accessories.

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