Ideas To Fix Bookcase With Doors

Bookcase with doors – Close the doors and hide the clutter. Book doors can do all the things on the shelves disappear behind the clean and simple lines of the doors. Broken doors, however, do not close, can be twisted, and are as ugly as clutter. Fix the bookshelf doors with new hardware, a layer of paint, or make an interesting art exhibition space. Find problems with the hinges of the shelf door. Open the doors as wide as possible. Look for scraping marks on the face frame. Scratch marks on the frame mean that some or all of the hinges are binding.

Bookcase With Glass Doors Antique

Free a hinge attached with a wooden ruler. Insert a flat wooden ruler against the front frame of the cabinet on the hinge. Close the door slowly. Repeat this process for all hinges. This will release the hinge attached lightly from the face frame. Open the closed doors and a couple of times to test the release.

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Sprung hinges are a fairly common problem with shelving doors. Open and close the bookshelf doors a couple of times to see if the hinge is making sounds. Wait to hear a click or soft click sound. Tighten all the screws on the hinges. Swing the doors again. The persistent noise of the hinges may mean that the hardware needs to be replaced. Return to place the cabinet hinges with the new hardware is so similar to existing hinges as possible. Change the style of the hinges only after determining that the new hinge is the correct type of existing door.

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