Ideas To Hang Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular wall mirror – Mirrors that do not have a wooden frame can be particularly difficult to mount to a wall. Because they include little material to provide a robust and safe mirror installation. Another issue is the general level and even appearance of the mirror as you mount it. To successfully hang a wall mirror, complete the assembly process of a series of measurements to ensure you do it right.

Minimalist Idea Wall Mirror

Before you start drilling holes in the wall to hang your wall mirror, make sure the wall can support it. Locate the studs on the wall with a beam detector. This is where the screws are to be installed to give the mirror a solid support base. Each time the device indicates the presence of a wall post, make a mark with a pencil. Use a level to make sure that the marks made with the wall studs are still. If you install the screws unevenly on the wall, the mirror will be unevenly locked. The marks on the wall and the level line should be made approximately in the center of the mirror will hit.

Wall studs are a method of hanging a wall mirror safely, but they are not an option if you only have drywall. Use the rocker screws when you are hanging a mirror in masonry wall. Drill a hole through the drywall to correctly insert the tilt bolt. Once the bolt is in the hole, turn several times so it grabs the drywall and is securely fastened.

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