Ideas To Make Lace Shower Curtains

Lace shower curtains are perfect for a Victorian bedroom and add charm to a powder room. The tones can be made with a sewing machine or with hand sewing. Fabric stores sell a wide variety of lace fabric with scalloped edges. Measure the height of the window, and add three inches. Measure the width of the window, and add two inches. Use these measurements to determine the necessary footage for the lace curtain.

Great Ideas Lace Shower Curtains

Cut the lace fabric with the measurements set out. Fold over the top edge of the fabric unscalloped 1 1/2 inches twice to the back and the pin instead. Sew a seam line at the edge of the hem to create a rod channel. Fold, pin and hem a quarter of an inch twice on the vertical sides of the lace curtain. Cut the wooden dowel to the width of the shadow, use the saw. Sand the edges of the spike, and paint it the color of the lace. Let the paint dry for three hours.

Sew both ends of the two-inch strips of the ribbon to the back of the shadow, placed two inches from the scalloped edge. Place the tapes vertically, and space each three inches to create a spike channel. Slide the spike into the channel made by the tapes.

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