Ideas To Wall Mounted Nightstand

Wall mounted nightstand in the bedroom provide an alternative to traditional table lamps, freeing up space on your bedside table. Lights for wall mounting come in a wide range of types and styles. Some are designed with special shapes for children, while others exhibit a sophisticated, modern feel. Regardless of the style, hanging the light over a bed is usually a simple task. The instructions may vary a bit depending on the exact model of your property.

Small Wall Mounted Nightstand Plan

Evaluate your specific model of wall nightstand. Most wall lights come with the exact mounting hardware you need to attach it to the wall. It can be a support, hook or plate on which the hooks of light. Use a stud locator to locate a beam in the area above your bed. If the light is light, this step is not necessary. Studs are usually located every 16 feet inside a wall. This gives you several options from where to hang the light.

If you share your bed with another person, mount a light on each side of the bed. Hang it low enough to reach the switch while sitting on the bed. Mark the area of ​​the stud with a pencil. Keep the light mounting parts up to the stud and mark the location of the screw holes. pilot holes of the appropriate size for the screws that accompany the light from the wall. Use your pencil marks as a guide.

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