Innovative Ikea Bathroom Sinks Ideas

The secret of luxury real estate lies in the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary. Majestic architecture, luxurious materials and bespoke furniture will receive much acclaim, but it’s the details that reveal its true character. In such a context, innovative ikea bathroom sinks ideas are both refined and revolutionary. By transforming your sink in a creative and fun way, you will not only impress your guests, but will also bring a whole new dimension of luxury to one of the most important rooms of the house (for luxury real estate).

Small Corner Bathroom Sink Floating

Whether you want to change your faucets or choose a new material for your washbasins, here are some interesting ideas, modern and upscale. Among the most interesting ideas, waterfall mixers have been the true leaders for many years. They have not lost their sensational character. The cascade function is now an integral part of the washbasin.

Multi-level designs provide a separate area to collect water creating a natural cascading effect. It is true that faucets offer the opportunity to be creative in your bathroom. But not always as you might imagine. You can customize your sink by hiding the faucets. The water flow can be easily controll using a discrete pedal, allowing both hot and cold water to flow cascading from a wall-mounted bracket or furniture located at the wall.

12 Innovative Ikea Bathroom Sinks Ideas Photos