Install Billy White Bookcase With Glass Doors

Billy white bookcase with glass doors is an exclusive product available in IKEA stores and their online store. The shelves come in several colors, including white and a blackish brown color. IKEA also sells shelves in different sizes, which allows customers to create their own unit that you see on request. You can turn your shelf into a porcelain or glass case with the addition of glass doors. When installing Billy bookshelf glass doors, make sure that you buy the doors of proper dimensions.

White Wood Bookcase

Lay down on the Billy bookshelf mounted on the floor. Find the exact center of the bookshelf. Light the shelf on its side and fix the flat support – part number 108444 – inside, on the mark, you made in the first step. Find part number 121040, which comes with the door. Set the piece on the flat stand at an angle and press down. Place part number 109221 on the left side of the lower platform. Turn on the door and look for the small holes in the back.

Find the small circles on the back of the door. The library door should come with three pieces – part number 109336 – which are placed over those holes. Place the door on the front of the shelf and align the 109336 pieces with the brackets. Slide the pieces together and sink a screw through the two pieces. The pieces must each have a hole that is align along with the screw that goes through each piece and into the shelf.

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