Kid Bedroom Lighting Fixture Size

Planning the kid bedroom lighting can help you choose the style and size of the main fixture. Your bedroom needs general lighting and work lighting. An overhead luminaire can deliver general lighting and complement your overall lighting design and decor. The ideal size of the fixture depends on its style, room size and how the style of the fixture works with the proportions of other decorative elements in the room.

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Your lighting design can include a torcher near the chest of drawers and wall mounted lamps for each side of the bed as work lights. One common method for selecting a luminaire size is to measure the length and width of the room and put the measurements together for the number of inches. One bedroom that is eight meters wide and 12 meters long calls for a luminaire that is about 20 inches wide.

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Overhead fixtures include surface mount, pendant and chandelier. Surface mount refers to a luminaire that is near the ceiling, either mounted flush on the ceiling or on a short base. These often have a single shade as a dome shape. Another surface mounting style has cluster spots, a group of spots that are twisted. With this type of luminaire you can aim the spots on the wall art or plants to create a custom lighting bedroom effect. A hanging fixture has a bar or chain that holds the light source further below the ceiling than surface mounted fixtures.

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